Software that connects the dots

We build the platforms that drive businesses forward: delivering smart, scalable solutions on cutting-edge cloud technologies

In a world where software is everywhere, businesses have to work hard to find solutions that fit just right.

We specialise in building systems that work for businesses, and not the other way around.

Designed for the web and hosted in the cloud, our systems leverage user-centric design, powerful automation, data analytics, and AI to help businesses increase efficiency and deliver transformative services. Our ruthless approach to quality and operational excellence ensures that systems are robust, performant and cost-effective.

 The key benefit of working with Abstract Leap is their understanding of the business model. They are able to advise on best practice and allow us to streamline our models using intelligent solutions.

Thomas Whale, Oxford Royale Academy

 The team at Abstract Leap have been instrumental in delivering my vision for the business: their deep understanding of our context and needs have allowed us to maintain our competitive advantage and rapidly launch new products and services.

Lyn Hodges, EyeMed UK

We're never content to just build software and hope it works.

We take a consultative approach to projects: first working to understand the unique needs of our clients and then working together to find a meaningful plan to deliver value.

Strategy Aligned

Our first job when working with a new customer is to understand their mission, their values and what their current strategic goals are. We record them, maintain them and ensure that our team aligns with them throughout our projects.


Clear communication is critical to the success of software projects. We place strong emphasis on transparency and knowledge transfer, in both directions.


A key part of our process involves taking strategic themes and translating them in to discrete pieces of work. Having a clear understanding of our clients business enables us to advise the correct approach so that we can deliver solutions in the right order with the correct appreciation of risk and reward.

Data Aware

Implementing software can all too often be a case of believing we know what our end customers want. By using a data aware approach we can set up the correct data collection and reporting mechanisms to demonstrate return on investment.


Being agile is understanding that the priorities and requirements of a business change, often quite rapidly, and that software development should respond to those changes and, indeed, affect the changing priorities as well. Our processes are designed with this change in mind, so that not only are we able to respond to change but we expect it as well.

Domain Understanding

Throughout our software projects we look to build a common language and understanding between our clients and ourselves. We instill that language in to our software, ensuring that our code reflects the reality of their business. This is beneficial for our developers, as it enables them to acquire knowledge faster, and it is also beneficial for our clients, as the cognitive jumps required to use or reason about the software are reduced.