We are Abstract Leap

Abstract Leap was founded in 2014 by two people, James and Mark. We're a small software development company with big ambitions, based in Oxford, UK.

We are a passionate and talented team of software engineers that design and build unique software solutions for small and large enterprises.

Originally named Polylytics, the business was rebranded in 2020 as: Abstract Leap.

Our first 5 years

Before Abstract Leap, James and Mark worked together at KPMG, building software for, and advising, large private and public sector organisations. Having gone their separate ways, the opportunity arose for them to start their own software consultancy, doing what they'd done, and loved before, but this time on their own terms.

Originally named Polylytics, we spent the majority of the first 5 years working as a partnership. In 2019, with support from our existing clients, we decided to build for the future: hiring more staff, formalising process and articulating what we do and why. This process led to a rebranding exercise which resulted in the rename to Abstract Leap.

Our belief is that Abstract Leap allows us to do our best work, and to price it competitively, so that we can help our clients in the best way possible.

Our values

Thinking Deeply

Following an agile mentality can result in a pressure to do things as quickly as possible. All too often though, while it feels fast, it leads to a reduction in efficiency. We recognise that and combat it by thinking deeply about problems. We look to understand the root causes of problems, understand business processes and design solutions that really make a difference in the long term.


We actively avoid writing code, certainly lots of similar code. We introduce abstractions and tools that enable us to solve problems as simply as possible, using concise and beautiful code. Not only does this increase our productivity but it decreases the maintenance burden.


For us integrity means doing the right thing for our clients. We are not content to simply do what is asked of us. We strive to do the right thing for our clients, to do what they need and let them succeed.

Solid Delivery

Elegance, integrity and thinking deeply are all very good but we recognise that on their own they do not result in any meaningful change. We align ourselves with our clients, understand the value of our software and measure that value over time.


Goodness at Abstract Leap means two things: that our work should benefit society, and that the quality of all our work should be good.


In all our interactions with others we will treat them in a friendly, generous and considerate way. We may get in to conflict with people, or have differences of opinion, but we will always strive to be kind.

Meet the Team

James Holwell


Software developer and ex-management consultant, James helps clients solve problems through innovative use of data and technology, and has experience working across the private and the public sector (CG, health, policing).

Mark Jerzykowski


Masters degree in Physics from Oxford, followed by consultancy experience at PA Consulting and KPMG, followed by Masters degree in Artifical Intelligence at Imperial, leading up to Abstract Leap.

Large variety of experience, working in FTSE 100 private sector clients as well as across numerous public sector bodies. Technical architect on project awarded team MCA Award.

George Seeger


Our first full-time employee, George joined Abstract Leap in 2017. He has a degree in Physics from Durham University, excels in solving problems and writing elegant code. In his spare time competes for Britain as a Powerlifter.

Conaugh Parker


Initially a developer at a financial software provider before creating electoral management software for local councils across the UK. Worked closely with the UK Cabinet Office to deliver cloud-based statistical reporting and interactive statistical mapping. Passionate about building great software and consistently delivers to a very high standard.

Alex Palmer

Delivery Manager

Alex has worked in the digital sector for over 6 years working primarily in digital Healthcare and Education. Alex has extensive experience working collaboratively with clients to build strategic plans and deliver high quality projects

Lee Bandettini


Software developer with experience at several start-ups as well as more established companies working in diverse product areas. Lee has provided services to wide variety of clients from multibillion pound multinationals to local authorities.

Lauren Parker


Previously a research assistant in AI, developing algorithms to enable active inspection of bridges by swarms of drones. Has a complimentary passion for designing great UX and UI. A talented archer.

Peter Forrest


With experience including a PhD in Computer Vision and having previously founded his own software company before joining Abstract Leap, Peter has a broad range of knowledge and skills in designing and delivering through the whole software development lifecycle. When he’s not writing clean code he likes to try his hand at wildlife photography.

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