Our approach to projects ensures that, whether a corporate giant or a nimble startup, we always have the needs of our clients at the forefront of our decision making.

Our services are built upon an exceptional attention to detail and a wide-ranging depth of experience. We leverage our own intellectual property to accelerate our engagements and provide that IP to our end clients as part of our fees.

All of our projects start in the same way...

We begin by having an initial meeting, where we discuss what you are trying to achieve, why you want to achieve it and, maybe, your vision for the solution. We will probe in to some of those details and begin to understand how we can help you. We will continue those discussions as necessary to ensure we understand enough in order to put forward a proposal.

Once we are confident that we are the right fit for your project, we will send over a formal proposal outlining what we understand, a plan for completing the project alongside estimated fees and timescales.

We offer three commercial models for engaging with us. How we approach each project stays the same though: using the same process, built around delivering benefit earlier and reducing risk.

Time and Materials

In a T&M engagement we charge you for the time we spend working on your project. As a services company our "materials" are usually just our expenses. This model is great for new clients, and shorter engagements, as you only pay for what we do and are usually able to terminate our services very quickly (not that you would want to).

Dedicated Teams

A dedicated teams engagement is what we usually use when operating on a longer term project or when working in a partnership capacity across a variety of projects. Our clients will commit to taking on a certain number of resources over a longer time period in exchange for a discount.

Fixed Price

A fixed price model will enable the client to set an exact budget for the project. As a result this engagement model requires more up-front planning so as to define a strict scope that can only be changed with a knock-on effect to the fixed price. This model makes sense on short engagements or where there is little uncertainty in the requirements.

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