Our Process

Agility in software development is based on the understanding that the priorities and requirements of a organisation change, often quite rapidly, and that software development should respond to those changes and, indeed, affect the changing priorities as well.

Our agile process borrows from existing agile processes but has been improved to account for the realities of working with us, as an external supplier.

Key components


The key aspect of our process is the short timescale between releases of new functionality. This enables multiple things:

  • Getting benefit from the work sooner
  • Testing hypotheses and getting feedback sooner (also known as failing faster)
  • Responding to change quicker

Risk Management

Identifying and mitigating risk is a key component of project management. In both planning and delivery, we define our risks, using our delivery risk framework, and put in place strategies to mitigate against them.


Crucial to the success of our process is continued and deep collaboration between stakeholders, users and developers of the software. We purposely remove barriers to collaboration so that our team can work hand in hand with subject matter experts and users alike.


Clear communication is critical to the success of software projects. At Abstract Leap we place strong emphasis on transparency and knowledge transfer, in both directions.


In order to deliver software faster and more reliably, we embrace the DevSecOps movement at Abstract Leap. Our software is automatically built, tested and deployed in production environments, enabling quicker delivery, shorter and more confident release cycles.


Requirements on documentation differ from project to project. We have multiple approaches for producing documentation that take account of the audience, the reason for the document and the need to maintain it.

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