Having achieved significant growth during 2019, we decided part way through the year that it was the right time to rebrand the business and to position it for growth.

While the services that we sell are staying the same, we've re-named and re-branded the business, as well as put considerable resources behind examining the what, why and how of the business.

The rename

Our previous name, Polylytics, is a portmanteau of poly and analytics. Our initial vision for the company had been to focus on data analytics and so the name had arisen.

However, the past 5 years have been spent building software that does much more than data analytics.

Having consulted externally as well as performed much introspection, we are very pleased to annouce that we are now called Abstract Leap.

For us, this name is the exemplification of when we are at our best. It embodies our aspiration to seek out simple solutions to our clients problems, and to seek those leaps in thought that will transform their businesses.

It's certainly a lofty goal and it's one that we hope our clients will see reflected back in the work that we do for them.

The what, why and how

2019 was the year when we decided to start growing the business. During that growth we, as founders, recognised that we needed to externalise why the company existed and the values that it should embody.

To that end we've encapsulated our mission as:

We make meaningful change through the creation of great software

Alongside this, we looked at why we (and our staff) work at Abstract Leap and how we want to build a company that we are all proud to work in.

To support this, and our mission, we have written down what our values as a company are.

This will underpin our strategy and propel the business going forward.

The re-brand

Following our period of introspection, we engaged with a design agency, herd, who have helped shape the new brand, developed the logo and provided valuable insight in to the launch of our new website www.abstractleap.com

The launch

This an exciting time for us at Abstract Leap. Our hope is that this re-branding excites our current, and future, clients and helps us realise the fantastic potential that our team has.

It's unfortunate to have coincided our launch with Covid-19. We would have loved to have celebrated in person with our current clients.

If you have any questions please do get in touch.

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