Arla Foods

HR Competency and Compliance Tool

Software Engineering

Arla Foods amba is a Danish-Swedish multinational cooperative based in Viby, Denmark, and the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia. It is the fourth largest dairy company in the world with respect to milk volume, seventh with respect to turnover.

We worked with Arla to help them manage their training compliance across their cheddar and mozzarella division. This was a classic problem of different sites doing things in different ways with varying levels of success.

We built a training and performance management system, enabling employees to understand what their compliance requirements are, what they have outstanding and what they need to do to improve. A hierarchical permissions model then allows employees at all levels to see the overall performance of their teams and take action where necessary.

 An innovative company, who worked extremely hard to understand our unique business requirements and deliver a bespoke system that is functional and robust.

The software is an extremely useful tool that has completely re-designed how training and development is tracked throughout the business.

They are flexible and professional in their approach and take the time to understand our business and the needs that we have. 

Tammy Huxley, Training and Development

John Faircloth-Wood, Production Co-Ordinator