Microsoft Azure Cloud

Developing software for the cloud is much more than just where your applications are hosted. The Microsoft Cloud gives us the ability to leverage best in class PaaS and SaaS services, coupled to near limitless scale, so that we rapidly deliver innovative software that grows as our clients grow.

As Azure evolves, our knowledge of what is possible also evolves. Understanding which services to use at any point in time, and how to architect a solution using those services, leads to shortened timescales and reduced costs.

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Building software for the Azure cloud is different to standard software development. Understanding the best ways to make use of all the Azure services will lead to much shorter implementation timescales as well as open up opportunities for choosing optimal solutions based on cost, performance and scalability.


Understanding how to mitigate against data loss in the cloud is critical to complying with data protection regulations. We are able to provide help and advice in setting up Azure deployments or can perform auditing of existing subscriptions.


Cloud pricing is generally based on utilisation of the various services but we know from experience that costs can be opaque and with the variety of overlapping services available you may need help with optimising spend.


Whether it's simply understanding what's possible, planning a migration or actually doing it, we've got the expertise to make it a success.

Why should you choose the Microsoft Cloud?

  • Microsoft is the largest cloud service provider, with 58 regions worldwide
  • Selling software is Microsoft's primary focus, there are no conflicting priorities
  • Integrations with other Microsoft software such as Microsoft 365, Exchange and Active Directory
  • Commitment to open source, and support for all languages and frameworks

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

We leverage best in class PaaS and SaaS services, in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to rapidly deliver innovative software that grows as our clients grow.

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