Data Platforms

Data driven thinking enables organisations of all sizes to work more effectively and to make better decisions.

Extracting those insights is a multi-faceted problem. We work across the data landscape: designing data collection processes, building enterprise data warehouses, crafting visualisations and using cutting edge analytics to extract insight.

Tell us about your project

We are big fans of keeping things simple and removing the hype that surrounds modern data processing. While we enjoy using the latest technology for building highly scalable data processing platforms, we will also let our clients know if what they actually need is a database with a reporting package over the top.

These are the types of software we have built for our clients:

Data Pipeline

Getting the correct data in to systems, whether that be from IoT devices, disparate enterprise systems or web analytics is key to the success of any data project.

Data Warehousing

Building scalable databases that aggregate over multiple data sources and provide fast, intuitive data for expert analysis.

Reporting & Dashboards

Providing key decision makers with actionable data, at the right time in the right format through accessible software both in the office and away.

Data Science

Enabling data scientists and analysts to spend their time generating insight, instead of collecting and cleaning the data, allows organisations to respond quicker.

Machine Learning and AI

Automating or augmenting repetitive work and decisions is the goal of AI. How do you use vast quantities of data to understand your customers and provide better service automatically.

Scenario Planning

Gaining insight from your current data is great but how do you know whether your decisions will have the right impact. Simulation or model based scenario planning can cast light on what your decisions will actually do.

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