Software Development

We create innovative and intuitive software so that our clients can automate processes, increase sales, improve customer service, whatever they need, to be amazing.

We specialise in complex, data driven businesses that look to software to provide a key differentiator. We build cost-effective bespoke software that exactly fits our clients needs, instead of requiring the business to fit the technology.

We love creating innovative and complex software. As examples, we've created a machine learning based system for optimising sales team performance, we've created a corporate vaccination system delivered across 1000s of bricks and mortar stores, and we've created an eyecare platform that provides nearly 250,000 pairs of glasses a year across the UK, Germany and France.

Our approach to developing software is outcome focussed; we place great emphasis on understanding our clients businesses and ensuring that their goals are aligned with the software that we create.

The following are a list of the types of applications that we can build:

Web Applications

The majority of our software is web based, providing open and accessible user interfaces that are accessed through a standard browser either in the office, at home or on mobile devices.

Process Automation

We specialise in building software to automate complex business processes.

Mobile App Development

Where it makes sense to provide a mobile app, we can build native apps across both Android and iOS. This can make use of the full features of the phone and is, usually, more performant than a web app.

CRM Software

We've built software that cuts across sales and support functions, increasing revenue and improving customer service.

Custom Databases

Providing data recording across locations, ensuring data standardisation, allowing simple data entry.

Reporting Software

Make the right decision at the right time requires a data driven approach. Making sense from that data requires robust infrastructure and brilliant visualisation.

Finance Automation

The majority of business processes have some financial implication, be that cost or revenue related. We're created many systems that manage their own financial data as well as integrate with other systems.

Product Development

Whether a startup or an established business looking for an agile partner, we can help organisations create software based products.

Our approach to software development is an open and transparent one. We can set up multiple contractual models but usually all of the IP generated is owned by the client. Where we use our own IP, to accelerate delivery, we transfer that IP over to the client so that they can use it on an ongoing basis.

We are more than happy to develop software and then hand it over to the client but more often than not we provide support and maintenance on our software to ensure that it generates as much value as it can.

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What do clients get from our software development

  • Secure by default and externally tested
  • Built to last and built to scale
  • A collaborative and friendly approach
  • Exactly the software that they need for their specific problem

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Our Services

Software Development

We create innovative and intuitive software so that our clients can automate processes, increase sales, improve customer service, whatever they need, to be amazing.

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Data Insights

We work across the entire data landscape: designing data collection processes, building enterprise data warehouses, crafting visualisations and using cutting edge analytics to extract insight.

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Professional Services

We offer a range of complimentary services, to go alongside our software development and data insights. These enable our clients to make the most of their technology investment.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

We leverage best in class PaaS and SaaS services, in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, to rapidly deliver innovative software that grows as our clients grow.

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