Software Engineering

Whether you are developing a new product, automating processes or improving customer service, you need great technology to help that happen. Our team of software engineers can design, build and operate the platforms with and on behalf of you.

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Anyone can make software. The best engineers create great software by first understanding exactly what it needs to do and then building it in a maintainable manner.

We specialise in complex, data driven businesses that look to software to provide a key differentiator. We build cost-effective bespoke software that exactly fits their needs, instead of requiring them to fit the technology.

Not content with just building software, we like to see the impact that our software has and, so, provide an operations capability, when necessary, to ensure that the software makes the best impact it can.

Our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building enterprise cloud-native systems. They are backed up by our rigorous process that drives quality and ensures our customer's expectations are exceeded.

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Technology is ever changing. While we like to keep our fingers on the pulse, we recognise that creating technological transformation is about more than just the technology.

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Evolutionary Architecture

Building software that is easy to change, even at the architectural level has been difficult historically. This article looks at methods for embracing change through the software stack.

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Bespoke software

The key advantage in creating bespoke software is that the organisation or individual gets exactly the software that they need to support their objectives.

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Code Review at AL

We use code review, both informally and formally, to elevate the quality of the software that we produce.

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